Friday, February 8, 2013

An Unforgettable Evening - Master & His Magic, Jagjit Singh

Sometimes merely a single moment changes the flavor of a day and stamps it in mind with its mesmerizing memories forever. On 5th of Feb, as usual when I was reading Mumbai Mirror and Jagjit sahib's sepia effect picture took my attention. when I read further I came to know about function on Jagjit Ji's birth anniversary. In keeping with Jagjit sahab's vision to encourage promising young singers, on the eve of Jagjit Singh ji's birth anniversary, Chitra Singh offered them this prestigious platform of Jagjit Singh Foundation.


 After reading this, I quickly decided to make of this at any cost. I never got the chance to attend Jagjit Ji live though, I remember; way back in 2005 it was almost scheduled for a Live Gazal Concert and even we had managed to get the passes but unfortunately it never worked out. We dint attend it due to some problem. Now this time, though he is not among us but his enigma and those Gazals were enough to create that magic. I looked at the bottom of advertisement and found, it will be held on 07th Feb at Manik Sabhagruha, Indian Education Society. Just two days prior I was reading about it and I knew it will be difficult to get the pass if I miss to get it on same day. luckily I thought to ask Andrea ji for help, since I was not able to go to bandra till late in the evening and her chapel road residence was just a Lilavati Hospital building behind to the venue, so I messaged her with detailed request and address to get the passes and to my relief that nice lady called me up in hardly 30 min confirming she got the pass. I jumped in excitement to thank her;  She made it so easy and like dream come true. I was deeply excited to attend the Master's magic. On same day at evening I collected the pass, when opened it felt so nice. There was same sepia effected photo of Jagjit sahab which was on print ad.
 Finally day arrived, luckily I could escape an hour early from office which helped me to reach venue on time, and as I expected I wasn't the unique excited case; there were lot more to hear those magical Gazals again. While moving in the line towards gate I heard those fixed statements from some people behind, "line me chalo sab... piche kya hum aise hi line laga ke khade hain?...." etc but I know it wasn't any typical chaos, it was just that excitement of Jagjit Ji's fans  which was loosing its control, thanks to the gatekeeper who managed it so well and let everyone pass inside smoothly.

Now that, usual auditorium chilling which always makes me so serious that I barely feel to speak anything, but this time I was all alone so I could continue my habit. curtains were still closed and my excitement was at its peak; and I was calculating and counting myself which Gazal tracks will be played and which should not be missed... after much waiting, curtains raised to visually treat the eyes with lovely decorated stage, unattended podium at left and in middle sitting arrangement for singers and musicians with their instruments kept artistically with shielded big screen from back; with texts over it, "The Master & his Magic, The Legend lives on... A Celebration" whereas at the right side, Jagjit Sahab's portrait in black suit, without garland hugging around the frame and a lamp near to it with flowers at the bottom of it. the entire stage was looking really nice, that empty stage was often making my mind believe that now the undisputed kind of Gazal will make his grand entry waving his hands towards crowd and take his seat at harmonium, but I knew; now; only ears can be pleased with closed eyes. soon the stage started loosing its emptiness when Tom alter took the charge of Podium. He was the hosting the event and I really admired that person's anchoring. Typical Indian traditional apparel dressed around foreign skin looked somewhat different but when Padma Shri awarded Tom Sahab passed sher-o-shayari with so much accurate accent, his gesture was loudly appreciated by audience through their continued clapping.

Further to the event with passing time, Tom ji called upon stage the musicians and introduced them to the audiences followed by lightening of lamp by Yesteryear actress Tanuja along with 90's silver screen queen Kajol to inaugrate the concert. Kajol's sister Tanisha was also present in white Indian traditional outfit. Kajol in her soothing green saree was looking very stunning, her glow was unavoidable. Lamp lightened and show stepped to its main lap. In order to keep Jagjit sahab's vision flaming to spread the young talents across masses, Chitra ji formed Jagjit Singh Foundation, and this was their first event on the auspicious eve of Master's birthday. Short, documentary played on the screen in tribute to the Legend Jagjit Sahab.

The first talent, Tom announced upon stage was Aman Trikha. a young good looking guy dressed stylishly in Indian traditional outfit appeared on stage and took his place at center, surrounded by musicians.After his short devotional speech for legend, Aman began with first selection of gazal "Yaad nahin kya kya dekha Tha, Sare manzar bhul gaye..... " I heard loud Waah from balcony audiance. Aman sung very nicely with next to the list Jagjit Sahab's gazal from Joggers park "Badi Nazuk hain yeh manjil, Mohabbat ka safar hain..." this time Aman succeed taking audience in their individual world to collect the lost moments in their very own personal stories.

Koi sun le na yeh kissa, bahot dar lagta hain...
Magar dar hi se kya hasil...
Magar dar hi se kya hasil...
Mohabbat ka safar hain......

Aman's voice and Jagjit Sahab's gazal already received the favorable confirmation by audiences. resonance of clapping was audible even after Aman left the stage. followed by Tom Sahab announced another talent, Budhaditya Mukharji. Another young talent appeared on stage in green traditional kurta and bowed to the audience. He began with "Hoshwalon ko kahabr kya.... " I found his way of singing much similar to the legend. Mukhariji was the first one who received big hands just at the start up of his first Gazal, noting his selection of Gazals were many of audience's favorite one, but auditorium shaken by loud cheer when he began "Zuki Zuki si nazar, bekarar hain ke nahin.....," This Gazal made people sing softly along with singer. Moreover this young legacy continued by Bikaneri talented singer Shehzad Ali. Till now all the singers were amazing but every one was leaving their mark like 'better than previous one'. Shehzad sung "Pyar ka pehla khat likhne me, waqt toh lagta hain..... " magical voice he has got. it created buzz when he dedicated and sung "Chitthi na koi sandes, Jane woh konsa desh jaha tum chale gaye..... " this song really made people miss the maestro. Shehzad was the last performer in young talent, followed by matured but prominent talent Ghanshyam Waswani.

Waswaniji has got great command over his voice, it was audible treat to hear him singing Jagjit Sahab's Gazal. He started with "Tum ko dekha toh.....yeh khayal aaya" which received big applause from audiences. It is my personal favorite, and Waswani sahab was doing justice with it. Next he selected, Lyric Nida Fazli Sahab's "Uske dushman hain bahot, aadmi accha hoga" This was also liked by people. Followed by Jayashree Shivram. She sung Devotional and then "Mitti da bawa". After that Jaswant singh performed. I personally liked this man's singing. It was very close to Jagjit Sahab. He commenced with "Apane Hothon par sajana Chahata hu.... " Amazing Voice, very penetrating voice and such a beautiful gazal. It was wow experience. He finished one and started another of his best performance, and this time it was my turn to say "Waahhhh!!!". Since beginning I was wondering when this gazal will be played and to my belief finally it was playing. Jaswant Ji, in his magical voice began "Woh kagaz ki kashti....woh barish ka pani....." Every row every one was lost in bliss and appreciating it by "Waah...Wahhh".... It was difficult to come out of ecstasy and find where miracle lays, was it Jaswant Sahab's Voice or Jagjit Sahab's already marked milestone with this gazal, whatever it is but it was making all emotional & nostalgic with the lyrics. 

Soon after Jaswant Singh's performance some of the people thought its almost over since, Tom ji had already mentioned about 6 singers only. So some handful Audiences left the auditorium. There was another feather in crown of this event, Padmashi Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt Sahab, but before that Tom request Subhash Ghai ji to say few words on Legend. Subhash ji walked to podium but this showman narrated very intersting story about Jagjit ji. Those were the days when Ghai Sahab and Jagjit ji were common friends through their respective college's youth festival. In Banglore, during college days, in inter collegiate youth festival; Jagjit sahab was performing some classical signing, and those days he used to wear turban, which was making him look like typical sardarji. When audience seen Turban wearing sardarji came for perform in classical, all started laughing. Jagjit Sahab calmly began singing, still all were laughing, but eventually after some time people remained silent, jagjit sahab were still singing, everywhere was pindrop silence, people started clapping, and at the end of the show people were clapping like mad. This was Jagjit Singh.  His short but such a sweet story made everyone proud of their star. Ghai Sahab steped down of stage by sharing such an untold story to the audience.

Now, control of stage was taken by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Tabla player Hemanshu. Soon all fall in love with Bhatt Sahab's Mohan Veena. The way he played it, unbeatable. It was purely magic we were witnessing. A Grammy award winner, literally made people drop their Jaws open, for some people it was something never seen in life before. Speechless performance it was. That event had already achieved the milestone by Jagjit Sahab's gazals and young Talent but Bhatt Sahab's performance took this extravaganza way beyond imagination of audiences. It was treat for ears and also for eyes due to Jugalbandi of Bhatt Sahab and Tabla player Hemanshu. Incredible Jugalbandi I should say. Tom alter marked this performance in his sher-o-shayari andaz...
Jane wale mehfil chod gaye, unhe kya pata...
Woh mehfil chod nahin Jodd gaye...

Moreover Bhatt shahab, also sung Jagjit ji's one of the favorite... "Hothon se chu lo tum...Mera geet amar kar do".  He also made everyone sing along with him, all signers, artist joined back and all were singing and paying tribute to the legend. It was very blissful and unforgettable evening. This event always will be cherished in my mind. 

Today its Jagjit Sahab's Birth anniversary.

"Hazaron khwaishey aisi.... ke har khwaish pe dum nikale"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2013

I should categorized thyself into two distinct form. one which is always excited for new things, it can be anything, events, new places, outings, blogging or photography or anything that need some 'energetic interest'; while other form is height of laziness which always restrict me from doing anything, by that same old repeated yet powerful pushing excuses running over my mind "Abhi nahin baad me....., Ha kar lenge yaar....thodi der baad....". So whichever form over power other, wins the race. Now I am actively blogging, that defiantly is an indication of (Temporary) victory of energetic form. Whereas Its been more than 4 days I went to Kala Ghoda Festival, enjoyed its uniqueness; captured shots of beautiful art but to post it over social sites it took me four days and moreover on 5th day I am writing about it, though I had planned to write 5days back. incredible!! this lazy form of me will take me nowhere 'Someday'.

Self 'praising' apart. Yes I wanted/want to write about this artistic festival. This is my 10th year in a row; witnessing this beautiful event and every year it is growing by its charm and attracting more and more crowds. It feels so good when such events makes us feel proud about our city and culture in front of international visitors. I always wanted to write about Kala Ghoda Festival but as I said earlier, my 'second distinct form' aka 'Laziness' always played role of hurdle, but this time the beauty of festival is so alluring that none could restrict me from expressing my joy, so I am eager to share it. 

One can find detailed description about Kala Ghoda Festival Here, and for their official website click here, On the official website, you can find current festival schedule. I visited festival on very first day and that too little early which helped me to click the art without disturbing crowd in matter of camera composition. It was great experience this time, since the art work they put up on show was incredible (Its still going on till 10th of feb). Every artwork delivering great message along with its artistic beauty and what appealed me is, we always say that Mumbaikars are the busiest one and they have no time other than their so called daily busy schedule but this can be proved completely wrong when you'll visit rampart row at Kala Ghoda. It is amazing to see people taking so much interest in such artistic events that you can actually point out, yes this is true Mumbaikar crowd. You will notice some turbans are moving across art stalls and at same time Pathanis and Burkha clad are keenly enjoying the beauty of every piece of Art, juggling with their kids in both the hands. While some of the north Indian brothers (excluded from Punjab to Kashmir) will be found clicking themselves along with art themes and of course with gorgeous international Atithi Devo Bhava, I always adore their this curiosity. moreover some Marathi strict parents pulling their kids towards their selection of art to see, (Tikade kaay baghtoys he bagh....wach jara... bagh kaay lihilay te...) Loved the art and event but these people and their diversity is the real glow which is adding glitter to city's charm.

(This was good one, in fact Golden artwork with Golden Message.)

Auto/Taxi Meter: Another thoughtful and scary (those who travel by Auto and Taxi will understand why it is scary) It is actually scary today to travel by Auto and Taxi the way they have raised their meter billing. very difficult. What is called a need is pretending like luxury to Common man)

This was another attraction for visitors, Vespa an italian word for Wasp

Horse in fact Horses. fun to watch. and all are made by cardboard / packaging material.

Kids attraction. they were yelling BHOOT, BHOOT. I liked this art since it was made by Electronic waste, Computer Motherboards, Chipboards, CDs, were used. Many Computer Mouse were used to make it's Teeth. some smoke was clouting out of it and that was making it look little scary, children were scared imagining it as a Ghost while elders were doubting over 'Short Circuit', due to emission of smoke.... and those who are sitting or standing or wandering very close to it, its their own form of adventure... Liked it ;)

Arre Ala re aala Mumbaicha Dabbewala: a True inspiration for management seekers. He is one of the reasons for Mumbai's non stop vital energy. Mumbai runs cuz he runs on Time (Aspect of time is very much important and he is master in it). very nice and artistic statue, you can see it is shown that he is actually carrying Mumbai over his head, and it is true in every sense. To make it in simple assertive statement. He is the guy who deliver home made tiffins to working class across all Mumbai and that too exact on time, and this has been considered as best example of Time Management.

These are the feet, on which Mumbai rely in matter of their daily Vital Energy.

Dabbewale ka Dabba....  This artistic Huge Tiffin is made of small tins and its crafted by Singapore International School Students. 

Big Strong Kala Bail at Kala Ghoda, Black Bull. it is so colorfully made up.

Dhindiraj Govind Phalke popularly known as Dadasaheb Phalke. Its very difficult to talk about Mumbai without mentioning films, and he is the father of indian cinema. A Man who struggled and learned the film science and gave Indian Cinema its very first film in 1913 titled Raja Harishchandra.

100 years completed to Indian Cinema. cutouts of some of today's biggest stars.

 Moving Coin Box, another good art piece. Artist's theme was 'idea of make me rich'

 Another strong message on Save Girl Child and Stop Woman Abuse.

It was very interesting. Face was only visible through camera lens... for bare eyes it was like seeing through soda water bottle.... 

I liked it cuz in very artistic manner it is conveyed. Dont use mobile phones while Driving.

Funny one, 

This one I cant say funny cuz it is the truth they were showing, I couldnt capture entire story since the other part was at very height. This is miniature statue of Indian politician and they are saluting to the flag which was made of 100 Rs Note/Bill (Indian Currency)

 This kind of Graffiti is very much familiar in India

 Joshibuwa: Palmist

Latterns, in old films Ramukaka or main lead used to use it to find singing Ghost.

Bengals, still the unbeatable fashion.

Its reversal act: I clicked him he clicked me at same time.

I could see in her eyes that she wanted to get clicked, I took her permission and captured her smile covered with shyness and to my shock she was not bothered to check the outcome either. Her happiness was somewhere only in getting clicked irrespective of its result.

Some deep discussion of this all working business family.

 I liked this specially, cuz unexpectedly this man offered that pencil to the Boy, he was so happy, and I admit I failed to capture boy's expression but yet I loved their mute but deep loud expression of joy.

Rocksteady building of Elphinstone College.

 What a cute smile, liked her. Her name is Aziza and she is from Uzbekistan.

They are known as Nandi Bail. earlier in villages, their masters used to take them to the door to door and these Nandi was considered as forecaster or in simple term nandi used to answer one's query in yes or no by shaking his neck. nowadays this is also one of the lost eras of old age.  

Ready for Portrait?
 What for other children is Game or Toy to play, it is his tool for daily bread and butter.

Protectors taking some rest. How hectic it is to keep keen eye on crowd and restrict it from any mess.

Passageway of Elphinstone College

What is this? fate or failed/imbalanced system? how reverse it is, Boy has no excitement of this game while mother has to blow out bubbles to raise her kid. very unfortunate fact. 

Well, with closing note I would like to insist everyone to visit the festival, it will be held till 10th of Feb and open from 10 in the morning. This was one of the aspects of Kala Ghoda Fest. there is lot more to see, like heritage walk, Cinema, cultural events etc. If you have time and urge to see something that will sooth your week stretched stress then make it at Kala Ghoda festival this weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Freedom of Injustice


                'Freedom of speech' म्हणजे काय हो? बोलण्याचे स्वातंत्र्य कि काहीही बोलण्याचे स्वातंत्र्य? केवळ विधानार्थी बोलणे कि एकदम हमरीतुमरीवर येउन बोलणे? का एकदम कोणाच्या हि भावनांना हिनावणे?
                   कारण; आता बघा, सुसंस्कृत आणि सुसज्ज अश्या पालघर येथील २ तरुणी जेव्हा अवघा महाराष्ट्र दु:खात बुडालेला असताना, 'मुंबई का बंद केली जाते वगेरे वगेरे' अशे प्रश्नवजा ताशेरे मारून ह्या म्यांडमानी  एकट्यात नव्हे तर चक्क थोबाड पुस्तकावर (फेसबुक हो!) अपडेट केलं. अवघ्या जनसागराचा रोष शिगेला पोहचू नये आणि वातावरण तापू नये म्हणून पोलिसांनी तत्काळ कारवाई करत त्या सुसंस्कृत आणि जबाबदार तरुंनी विरुद्ध FIR नोंदवली. आणि नीट विचार केला तर ते योग्य सुद्धा होतंच, कारण कुठे हि अशी घटना समोर नव्हती आली कि मुंबई हि जबरदस्तीने बंद केली जात आहे, ते आपसूकच मुंबईकरांनी केवळ बाळासाहेबांच्या वर्षोनुवर्षे असलेल्या त्या जिव्हाळ्याखातीर केलं, त्यात उगीच कांगावा करण्यासारखं काहीही नव्हतं पण इथे त्या मुलींना अटक नाही झाली तोवर सगळ्यांनी गरळ ओकायला सुरवात केली, कशाच्या नावावर? तर freedom of speech च्या नावावर. इतकच नाही तर याही पुढे जाऊन पोलिसांवर पक्षपातीचा आरोप सुद्धा करण्यात आला... आणि ह्यात आणखी कहर म्हणजे कारवाई करणाऱ्या पालघर पोलिस निरीक्षक श्रीकांत पिंगळे आणि ठाण्याचे सुप्रीटेन्द ऑफ पोलिस रवींद्र सेनगावकर यांना निलंबित करण्यात करण्यात आलं (बातमी). का? तर म्हणे चुकीच्या कलमाखाली अटक आणि वरीष्टांचे आदेश न पाळल्यामुळे. अरे पण तुम्ही शांत डोक्याने हा का नाही विचार करत कि पोलिसांनी काही कारवाई जर नसती केली तर त्याचा काय परिणाम झाला असता? जर प्रक्षुब्ध जनतेने काही बर वाईट केलं असतं तर तेव्हा सुद्धा तुम्ही पोलिसांनाच दोषी ठरवला असतं ना?, शांतता आणि सुव्यवस्था न राखण्याच्या नावावर?. ह्या घडलेल्या प्रकारची कोणी अशा बाजूने का नाहीन दाखल घेत आहे? का फक्त पोलिसांवरच उलट्या बोंबा का मारल्या जात आहेत? आणि प्रशासनालाहि आपलीच पडती बाजू आहे असा सिद्ध करून काय मिळणार आहे? ह्या प्रकाराला राजकारण नाही म्हणत, हा तर चक्क मडयाच्या टाळूवरील लोणी खाण्याचा प्रकार आहे.

            असाच एक प्रकार आता हल्लीच घडला आहे, आणि पुन्हा काय तर पोलिस पक्षपातीपण करतात असा फाझील कांगावा चालवला आहे.

           आता मुंबई येथे आझाद मैदानाचा ११ ऑगस्ट ला घडलेला प्रकार सगळ्यांनाच आठवत असेल, आठवत काय चांगल्याच मुठी आवळत असतील ऐकूनच, कारण काय घडल होतं आणि कोणी आणि कशासाठी केलं होतं हे सगळ्यानाचं चांगल माहित आहे. पण आपल्या सेक्युलर प्रशासनाने दरवेळे प्रमाणे याही वेळी मावळ धोरण पत्करले.

         आता ह्या घडलेल्या प्रकारावर, वाहतूक महिला पोलिस निरीक्षक सुजाता पाटील ह्यांनी मुंबई पोलिसांच्या संवाद ह्या नियतकालिकात लिहिलेल्या कवितेवरून वाद निर्माण झाला आहे. सुजात पाटील ह्यांनी, त्यांच्या कवितेत त्या दिवशी दंगल करणार्यांचा उल्लेख देशद्रोही आणि साप म्हणून केला आहे, ह्यावर त्याच दिवशी पोलिसांनी कारवाई केलेल्या एका मुस्लिम दंगेखोराने आणि काही इतर मुस्लिम संघटनेने आक्षेप घेऊन सदर कविते बद्दल तक्रार नोंदवली आहे. (यालाच चोराच्या उलट्या बोंबा म्हणतात का?) पाटील बायिनी लिहिलेल्या कवितेच्या काही ओळी ह्या खालील प्रमाणे आहेत..

हौसला बुलंद था, इज्जत लुट रही थी...
हिम्मत कि गद्दारोने अमर ज्योती को हाथ लगाणे कि,
काट देते उनके हाथ तो फरियाद किसिकी भी न होती
सांप को दुध पिलाकर बात करे हम भाई चारेकी...

             त्यांनी असं सुद्धा म्हटलं आहे कि पोलिसांनी अश्या दंगेखोरांचे हाथ कापायला हवे होते, म्हणजे त्यांनी पुन्हा कधी अशी हिम्मत केली नसती.

              अशी प्रक्षोभक कविता पोलिसांच्या नियतकालिकात कशीकाय छापली जाऊ शकते अशी आरोळी काही मुस्लिम सामाजिक कार्यकर्त्यांनी लगावली आहे आणि वकील एझाज नक्वी आणि काही मुस्लिम संघटना आता प्रकाशक आणि कवियत्री यांच्या विरोधात मुंबई उच्च न्यायालयात याचिका दाखल करणार आहेत. (बातमी)

             पण का हो?? आता कोणी freedom of speech च्या दृष्टीने का नाहीं बघत ह्या प्रकाराला? का पोलिसांना freedom of speech चा अधिकार नाही का?? कि पोलिसांना भावना नसतात? त्या दिवशी भर रस्त्यावर, मोर्च्याचा नावाखाली महिला पोलिसांशी ज्या पद्धतीने हे 'देशप्रेमी' मोर्चेकर वागले त्याला काय म्हणालं पहिले? जया  कांबळे नावाच्या गरोदर महिला पोलिसावर जे सामुहिक अत्याचार करण्यात आले ते कोणत्या सभ्यतेचा लक्षण होतं? महिला पोलिसांचे नुसते कपडेच नाही फाडले गेले तर त्यांची अब्रू सुद्धा लुटण्याचा प्रयत्न करण्यात आला, हा निषेध करण्याचा कोणता प्रकार आहे? अरे ज्यांनी  स्वताच्या आया बहिणींना सोडून तिकडे दुर्गम अशा परिस्थितीत देशाचं रक्षण करता करता आपले प्राण गमावले त्या शहीद स्मारकाला सुद्धा तुम्ही लाथेने हाणता? कसला आलाय इतका राग तुम्हाला? कसली चीड आहे तुम्हाला जी  अश्या पद्धतीने तुम्ही मांडत आहात? हा घडलेला प्रकार जेव्हा कळला तेव्हा आपल्या वातानुकुलीत घरात तंगड्या वर करून पडलेल्यांच्या पण जीवाची आग झाली असेल, तर मग का म्हणून आपल्याच खात्यातल्या सहकारी बहिणींची अशी विटंबना झाल्यावर कोणी गप्पं राहावं? लिहिली कविता, केला राग व्यक्त?.... का? असं कागदावर व्यक्त केलेला कवितारुपी राग चालत नाही का? मग कसं 'मोर्चे' काढावे का? जसे ह्यांनी काढले शांततेत?

          अरे कसलं आलं आहे हे Double standard? एकीकडे तुम्ही पोलिसांनी केवळ शांतता भंग होऊ नये म्हणून केलेल्या कारवाई वर, पक्षपातीपण म्हणून आक्षेप घेऊन चक्क पोलिसांना निलंबित करता आणि दुसरीकडे झालेल्या अन्यायावर हतबल होऊन जेव्हा काही बोलवा तर तुम्ही त्याही गोष्टीवर ताशेरे ओढून लिहिणार्याकडून 'apology letter' लिहून घेता? का? कसले उदाहरण तुम्ही मांडत आहात दिवस रात्र राबणाऱ्या त्या पोलिसांसमोर? अशेच जर अब्रूचे धिंडवडे निघणार असतील तर चांगलीच मुस्कटदाबी चालली आहे, म्हणजे सो कॉलड सेक्युलर लोकांची चांगलीच चंगळ आहे आता...

           सुजाता पाटील ह्या एक स्त्री आहेत , आणि एक स्त्रीच स्त्री वर झालेले अत्याचार समजू शकते, त्यात चूक ती काय? आणि लिहिलेल्या कवितेत त्यांनी फक्त त्या लोकांना साप म्हटलं आहे जे त्या दिवशी तिथे आझाद मैदानावर मोर्च्याचा नावाखाली पोलिसांवर अत्याचार करत होते, यात संपूर्ण मुस्लिम समाज आणि त्यांच्या भांवना कुठून मध्ये आल्या? त्या दिवशी जर असं कृत्य कोणी दुसर्या धर्माच्या व्यक्तीने केलं असतं तर त्याला हि साप असच म्हटलं असतं, त्यात लगेच जात आणि धर्म कुठून आली? आणि लगेच याचिका आणि तक्रारी कुठून आल्या?

           हे जे काही चाललं आहे ते फारच चुकीचं आहे, कारण ह्या अश्या प्रकाराने तुम्ही फक्त सत्याला दाबण्याचा प्रयत्न कराल पण ते जितकं दाबाल तितकं ते उफाळून समोर येईल... एकीकडे जर तुम्ही freedom of speech च्या नावाखाली पोलिसांना चिमट्यात पकडता तर दुसरीकडे त्याच freedom of speech च्या नावाखाली तुम्ही पोलिसांचा बचाव का नाही करत? काय आहे काय ह्या freedom of speech ची व्याख्या? जर नेहमीच पोलिसांनाच निशाणा करणार असाल तर पुढे भविष्यात हे फार घातक ठरेल.... as usual फक्त सामान्य माणसाला.

-A Stupid Common Man!!!!

(हे लिखाण फक्त जे चुकतंय ते दाखवण्याच्या दृष्टीने लिहिण्यात आलं आहे, उगीच ह्याला कोणत्याही प्रकारच्या वयक्तिक घ्रुनेशी जोडण्याचा प्रयत्न करू नये  -A Stupid Common Man!!!!)

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